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With its sleek design highlighting a 0.25ct diamond delicately set on crisscross prongs, TESSA embodies elegance in all simplicity. Its thick setting makes it a durable ring that will stand the test of time.


For this model we offer the option of a laboratory diamondVS/SI clarity of 0.25ct. Do you prefer a natural diamond? Ask us for a quote!





TESSA - 0.25ct laboratory diamond, 10K-14k-18k-19k gold, yellow, pink or white

PriceFrom C$599.00
gold color
  • Here is a summary of the characteristics of the different types of gold (yellow, pink, and white) and the different karats to help you make a decision:

    Yellow gold :

    • 10k: Beautiful golden color paler than 14k-18k, very hard and scratch resistant alloy.
    • 14k: Very beautiful gold color, durable and quality alloy; Excellent value.
    • 18k: Stunning gold color more rich and saturated than 10k-14k, this is a very durable alloy that will age well.

    Rose gold :

    • 10k: Very pronounced pink tint which may fade slightly over time.
    • 14k: Superb pink gold color, good quality-price compromise.
    • 18k: Less pink and more golden color, retains its color over time.

    White gold :

    • 10k: Very hard, scratch resistant, rhodium plated for an ultra white appearance.
    • 14k: Very popular choice, good quality-price ratio, rhodium plated for an ultra white appearance.
    • 18k: Very durable and high quality, rhodium plated for an ultra white appearance.
    • 19k “super white”: Innovative, naturally gray without rhodium plating, harder than all other white gold alloys.


    In summary, here are some considerations when making your choice:

    • Sustainability : It is pure gold that gives alloys their property of durability. The higher the carat, the better the quality of the alloy and the longer it will last.
    • Color : If you prefer a rich color, 18k is a great choice for yellow gold. For rose gold, 14k offers a beautiful hue. For white gold, be aware that the 10k, 14k, and 18k options offer an ultra white appearance thanks to the rhodium plating, but the latter fades over time and will need to be redone. The 19k "super white" offers a very beautiful white gold tone without the need for plating.
    • Price : The 10k is more affordable in all categories. 14k offers a perfect compromise, offering better quality than 10k at a lower price than 18k.
    • Allergies: If you have allergies to alloys, choose options with a higher carat (14k or 18k).
  • This ring is available in all sizes. 1/4 points are available upon request; just mention it in a note when placing your order.

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