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Whether it is for a problem under warranty, a repair or a size adjustment, returns can be made either in store in Oka or by mail.



For a replacement or a repair covered by our warranties, please return your purchase to us within the prescribed deadlines, along with your proof of purchase.

Out of Warranty

For replacement or repair not covered by our warranties, proof of purchase is not required; all MCDécarie jewelry is eligible.

Back to store

Come to the boutique in Oka with or without an appointment. 


Return by mail

For a return by mail, it is not necessary to communicate with us before, but it is important to include the following information with your return:


- Proof of purchase (if the item is under warranty)

- Details of the work to be done

- Return address

- Name, telephone and email address


Send everything well packaged to the following address:



127, Notre Dame, Suite 2

Oka, QC, J0N1E0



Once the item is in our possession, if the work is not covered by our warranties, we will send an invoice by email.

MCDécarie Jewelry Repair Price List

Any repairs or adjustments not covered by one of our warranties may be made at the buyer's expense. The fees vary according to the nature of the jewelry or according to the adjustments to be made. Here is the basic price list* that we use.  


Scaling up

It's not always easy to choose the exact size when ordering online or when buying for someone else. Additionally, weight gain or loss, illness, pregnancy, or arthritis can affect finger or wrist size over time. Regardless of the reason and regardless of the date of your purchase, it is always possible to return an item for a sizing adjustment, by mail or in store.  


Adjustment for simple silver bangle or simple stacking ring:

¼ to 1 size less: usually free

¼ to 1 size up: usually free

1 to 3 size(s) less: $10

1 to 3 size(s) more: $20 to $30


Fit for solitaire or silver pearl ring:

¼ to ½ size more: free

¼ to 3 size(s) less: $15

½ to 3 size(s) more: $25 to $35


Simple 10k gold bangle adjustment or stackable ring:

¼ to ½ size down: usually free

¼ to ½ size larger: usually free

½ to 3 size(s) less: $25

½ to 3 size(s) more: $30 to $60 and more


Solitaire adjustment or pearl ring in gold:

¼ to ½ size larger: usually free

¼ to 3 size(s) less: $25

½ to 3 size(s) more (adding gold): $30 to $50 and up


Fit for kinetic ring / namaste ring / other ring:

¼ more: usually free

For all other adjustments, fees from $30 or more


Leather Strap Adjustment:

Shrink: $10

Enlarge: $15


Silver bangle or flexible bracelet adjustment:

Shrink: $20

Expand: $20 to $35 and up

Chain adjustment:

If the chain has not been worn: free exchange (within 30 days of purchase)

Shrink (silver): $10

Shrink (gold): $20

Enlarge: variable price


Other common repairs:

Damaged/lost freshwater pearl replacement: $10 to $20

Replacement worn leather on strap with new clasp: $20

Silver chain repair: $10 to $20

Gold chain repair: $20 to $30

Replacement chain clasp: $5 and up

Rhodium (includes polish): $35 and up

Refurbishment  : $15 to $50 and more

*This price list only applies to MCDécarie jewelry. We also carry out upgrades and repairs of jewelry purchased elsewhere, but the prices are different. Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice.

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