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Our Mission

Whether it is for a wedding, a graduation, a birth, an anniversary, an inheritance or a commemorative creation, our mission is to design for you a piece of jewelry that will perfectly match your needs, your tastes and your expectations. Whatever the occasion, the realization of the jewel of your dreams starts here.




Partners in life and in business, Marie-Claude and Charles manage their company with passion and have at heart the satisfaction of their customers.

Inspection of a ring



Our jewelry is handcrafted and designed to be strong and durable; it is all covered by the MCDécarie Warranty.




We use Canada Post as our delivery service for almost all our shipments.

Foggy Forêt

Our Ecological Footprint

At MCDécarie, we are committed to making environmentally responsible choices at all levels of our operations. For example, we use mainly recycled metals or metals from sustainable and fair trade sources. We offer natural stones only upon request. The jewelry in our exclusive collections is made primarily of man-made stones. If a synthetic option exists, it is the one we choose, systematically.



Gold and silver are metals that can be recycled endlessly. In our workshop, we melt them as they are; we proceed to the direct recycling of the material. For our scrap metals, everything is kept for later refining. The gold crumbs are collected and eventually transformed into pure gold, which can be used in the manufacture of our jewelry.

Jewelry makeover is recycling at its best! Your treasures are not only reused, they are up-cycled. At our workshop, we make recovery efforts at every stage of production. For example, our returns or defective jewelry are repaired, transformed or refurbished to the maximum.


We believe that jewelry repair is a gesture of sustainable development. By choosing sustainable materials, you are choosing a repairable jewel rather than a disposable one. We agree to repair jewels that do not come from us but some materials of lesser quality do not always allow it. It's always a shame to have to tell you that there is no other option than the garbage can for a piece that was dear to you.

A matter of choice

For our findings, chains and raw metals, we have chosen a supplier who shares our ecological values. They use only solar energy for their facilities, and guarantee that all gold and silver sold comes primarily from recycled metals, while the new raw metals are sourced from sustainable, conflict-free sources governed by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). We also choose recycled and recyclable packaging, as well as biodegradable airtight bags.

Wish to recycle your jewelry?

Come to us with your old jewelry to be recycled. For silver, gold, platinum or other precious metals, we offer a credit in store or a buy-back of your metals, with an estimate on site. For jewelry made of non-precious metals, we do not offer compensation but they will be recycled.

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