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Introducing GERRY, a bold and distinguished reliquary piece in gold, available in different shades to suit your preference. This masculine signet style ring features a 0.25ct black diamond, exuding confidence and elegance. From our collection Relics, it contains a secret: a compartment under the stone which houses precious ashes, thus paying homage to cherished memories. GERRY fuses contemporary design with a deep connection to your loved ones, creating a truly unique and meaningful accessory.

GERRY - Reliquary ring with ashes, black diamond, Yellow-rose or white gold

PriceFrom C$1,749.00
gold color
  • To create this unique funeral jewelry, we will need the ashes of your loved one. You have the choice of bringing them in person to our store or purchasing our reliquary jewelry kit.

    Please know that the ashes will be treated with the utmost respect in our workshop and that only a small quantity is needed for this process. To ensure they stay in place forever, they are meticulously sealed with a durable resin, discreetly housed in a cavity beneath the black stone. Thus, although invisible once the piece is finished, they remain an essential and intimate part of this jewel, the precious contents of which only you know.

    Each piece in our Relics collection features an infinity symbol, indicating the presence of ashes or other precious relics. This crucial information will also make any future repairs or size adjustments easier.

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