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Here is a set of 3 solid 925 silver bangle bracelets with text or texture of your choice. You can enter up to approximately 100 characters. You can also choose a texture. 


The first bracelet is with a floral wave texture.

The second is a smooth bangle bracelet made of 2mm round wire.

The third is customizable with the text of your choice.


They are tied together with a silver ring.

Set of 3 silver bangle bracelets with text or texture.

  • ¢The length of the sizes represents the inner circumference of the bracelets. To know your size you can use a tape measure, a strip of paper or a piece of string. Wrap it around your wrist at the widest part of your hand, this will determine your size.

    If you need another size or 1/4 just let me know. The bracelet is slightly adjustable.

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