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Here is a bracelet made of natural braided leather and a 20mm .925 sterling silver band.

The leather makes 3 turns in the rings and attaches with a magnetic solid silver clasp that screws. Durable, comfortable and strong, this clasp is easy to use but won't open on its own.

Available with 1 customizable ring. Write down the children's first names, a memorable date or a few little words! The model presented includes only a drawing of mountains on the ring. Up to 14 characters per ring. The silver ring has a matt satin surface.

LIAM leather bracelet with 1 customizable ring

Leather color
  • The chosen size corresponds precisely to the inner circumference of your bracelet. To know the size you need, measure the circumference of the wrist, leaving about 1 finger of space between the tape and the wrist.

    To take the measurement from a bracelet, close it and measure the inside circumference. DO NOT MEASURE BRACELET LENGTH; the thickness being variable, the measurement would be distorted. The tape measure can be replaced with a strip of paper or string which can then be measured flat.

    The average and best-selling size for a man is 7.5 inches.

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