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Here is a 13mm wide solid sterling silver bangle with freshwater pearl. The center is made of a smooth thread and a pearl in a setting. Two rings around are of 1.5mm ball wire.  You can choose pearl color or different texture for the background, while this one has a soft lace pattern. Finish is polished and oxidized.


The rings in our Namaste collection were created by combining the symbolism of the circle, evocations of nature and the spirit of Namaste, with the intention of celebrating the present moment. To greet, with you, the light that is within you!

Ring with lace texture, ball thread and freshwater pearl.

Pearl color
  • Our Namasté collection takes its name from an ancestral Hindu expression that expresses the presence of a divine light in each of us. Associated with a gesture of hands joined at the level of the heart, Namaste would mean: "The light which is in me recognizes and greets the light which is in you". Practiced for oneself during a yoga session or as a meditation technique, a well-felt Namaste would strengthen our awareness of the present moment, to be more anchored in our current life.

    As for the center  of the ring, he is a unique and perfect figure. On a spiritual level, the circle evokes unity, harmony, infinity and the realm of the spirit. He is both the beginning and the end, finite and infinite, everything and nothing. By its round shape, it illustrates the cycles of life.

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