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Immerse yourself in a moment of serenity with the ALEX Meditation Band, a symbolic jewel specially designed to help you connect to your deepest essence and find peace in the heart of the turmoil of the world around you. Its minimalist design and subtle marriage of silver and yellow gold make it a perfect choice, whether you are a man or a woman. By gently twisting the bangle, you can enjoy a calming and balancing meditative experience, providing a refuge of inner calm. Personalize this unique jewel by adding your name, a special date or significant coordinates. Personalized engravings are included, allowing you to create a treasured and personal keepsake that will always be with you.

ALEX, 7 mm silver and gold meditation bangle, personalized mobile rings

  • This bangle is available in all sizes. 1/4 points are also available; just mention it with your order.

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