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What to do with a ring that is too big?

We've all felt that disappointment before: a beautiful ring slips from our fingers or threatens to escape at any moment. Whether that ring is a treasured heirloom, a meaningful gift, or a crush, oversize can be a real challenge. However, rather than letting this jewel slumber in a jewelry box, discover how to transform this inconvenience into a creative opportunity. In this article, dive into the world of professional ring fitting and learn how to get your ring back to the perfect size.

Finding the Perfect Size

Of course, there are plenty of tips online for downsizing a ring. However, methods such as using tape or nail polish are more suitable for rings that don't have much sentimental value. For valuable pieces like wedding rings or meaningful jewelry, these tricks are not recommended in any way.

The Art of Adjustments

A variety of professional methods can be used to reduce the size of a ring safely and elegantly. The most common approach is to cut out the ring, adjust its size and carefully resolder it.

Preserving the Stones

When gemstones adorn the ring, the downsizing challenge can seem more complex. Still, a nifty solution is to reshape the ring into an oval shape. This shape guarantees the safety of the stones while providing a comfortable fit by following the natural shape of your finger.

Solutions for Complexity

For intricate rings with textures, stones all around, or unique designs, traditional cutting and soldering are not always applicable. In these cases, clever alternatives, such as adding two small balls inside the ring or inserting a rod, allow the size to be adjusted without compromising comfort.

A Meticulous Adjustment

In the case of minor adjustments, the addition of a plate inside the ring can be considered. This approach guarantees a precise and discreet fit.

Size should never be a barrier to fully appreciating the piece of jewelry you treasure. Whatever the specific challenge your oversized ring poses, don't hesitate to visit us. We are here to help you find ideas and tailor-made solutions. Our goal is to allow you to rediscover the pleasure of wearing your ring with pride and comfort. Revisit your jewelry box with confidence, because every ring deserves to be worn and admired in all its glory.

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