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SILVER or WHITE GOLD: which one to choose?

Not sure whether to choose sterling silver or white gold for your jewelry? You're not alone in asking this question and we want to help you make your decision. You will find detailed information on the different types of gold and also on .925 sterling silver in our Advice Guides section. But in this specific post, we'll go over the specific distinctions between white gold and sterling silver.

Stackable rings available in silver and white gold.

Let's start with what silver and white gold have in common:

1- Their color is similar, so at first glance they are not easily distinguished.

2- Both can be plated with rhodium, which makes them resistant to oxidation. In both cases, the plating must be redone approximately every 2 years.

3- They must be maintained and cleaned occasionally.

4- They can be repaired and upgraded without any problem.

5- They do not rust or deteriorate. Even if they change color a little over time, they can always be brought back to their original state with a polish.

What makes them different?

White gold is a harder and more durable alloy than silver. It is more scratch resistant, less likely to distort and will never oxidize. It is heavier than silver and retains its value over time. It is however more expensive to buy.

Sterling Silver is definitely more affordable, which does not make it a low quality metal. It does have the drawback of oxidizing and tarnishing over time. There are two ways to mitigate this problem: either with rhodium plating or by choosing an oxidized finish. The oxidized finish allows for contrasting blackened engravings or textures. Finally, silver is lighter, softer and less scratch resistant than white gold.

Still hesitating?

Here are our suggestions according to the type of jewel:

Wedding ring with diamond: white gold.

A delicate ring that will be worn every day: white gold.

Jewelry with valuable stones: white gold.

A jewel that requires the least maintenance over the years: white gold.

Wedding rings: white gold / silver possible if the rings are thick.

A jewel worn occasionally: silver / white gold.

A larger and more massive piece of jewelry: silver / white gold.

A shiny look that does not oxidize: white gold / rhodium-plated silver.

A person sensitive to acidity (skin turning green): white gold / rhodium-plated silver.

Earrings for sensitive people: white gold / rhodium-plated silver.

A repairable jewel: silver / white gold.

A blackened and oxidized look: silver.

A style with contrasting black engraving: silver.

A less expensive jewel: silver.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for advice adapted to your situation.

-Marie-Claude Decarie, Jeweller

Jewellery designer MCDécarie, Marie-Claude is the founder of the company MCDécarie joaillerie. Graduated from a DEC in jewelry in 2009, she perfected her education at the School of Gemmology in Montreal to deepen her knowledge of stones and diamonds.

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