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Repurposing Jewelry: 5 Creative Ideas for Unused jewels

Are you in possession of a piece of jewelry that was given to you as a gift or inherited, but it's not quite your taste? Perhaps you own a ring that no longer fits properly, is uncomfortable, or just doesn't match your personal style? Here are a few ideas to help you find ways to appreciate and make the most of the jewelry you already have.

1- Refurbishment

Sometimes, it only takes a polishing to give a piece of jewelry a new look and make you want to wear it. Silver and/or white gold jewelry can be rhodium-plated for an even more striking effect.

The price of a refurbishment varies from $20 to $50 or more, depending on the jewelry.

2- Adjustment/repair

Maybe you would wear this ring if it was in another finger, or this earring if the earnut held properly, or this chain if it was shorter... Sometimes, is does not much to make a piece of jewellery functional and well adapted to your tastes and needs. Come to us for an adjustment or a repair; we will be happy to evaluate the possibilities with you, on site. The estimates are free of charge, on site at our Atelier-boutique in Oka or via

Come see us for durable repair solutions; we have bold ideas!


Sometimes, you can make changes to your jewelry to make it more to your liking. For example, you could add a texture to a piece or transform an orphan earring or ring into a pendant. Both silver and gold jewelry can be altered in various ways, such as welding, cutting, thickening, or thinning, to suit your preferences. You can even change or add a stone to transform the look of your ring entirely. Keep in mind that making modifications often involves refurbishing the piece, which can start at $40 or more.

Here, a vintage family ring has been transformed into a pendant.

4- Overlay

Another possibility is to juxtapose your jewel to another. Adding a ring from our Les Essentielles collection to an existing ring, combined with a refurbishment, can create a completely different style. The ring(s) added can be simply worn together, or welded to your ring(s). The same principle applies to bracelets or pendants. Come and see us for tailor-made proposals.

The "Elisabeth" ring, with lace motifs, is available starting at $59.

5- Transformation

For old-fashioned jewelry, irreparable or simply not of your style, it is possible to recover the diamonds and melt the gold to make a new piece. For this type of remodeling, the possibilities are endless. In some cases, your gold will be used as is, while sometimes only the stones are recovered in the new coin for a change of gold color that will please you. Learn more about this process and see our achievements ici.

5- Transformation

For old-fashioned, irreparable or simply out of your style jewelry, it is possible to recover the diamonds and melt the gold to make a new piece. For this type of Do you have jewellery that sleeps in your drawers? Take advantage of our services and ideas to give them a second chance.

On site

For an in-person consultation, make an appointment and come see us at the shop in Oka; drawing and submission on site.


Recognizing that you may not be from the area, or restricted from your busy schedule, we have developed several tools to allow you to live the MCDécarie experience entirely remotely. Thus, we offer consultation services by telephone or videoconference to discuss design and target your needs.

Our online submission tool is also very effective if you already have a clear idea of what you would like to have, or for simpler tampering or repair orders.

Once the design and budget have been accepted, get our Transformation/Repair Kit to receive a pre-paid envelope as well as a ring to take your finger measurement.

It’s as simple as that!

If you are more into videos, we do have one on the same subject :

- Marie-Claude Décarie, joaillière

MCDécarie jewelry designer , Marie-Claude, is also the founder of the company MCDécarie joaillerie. Graduated from a DEC in jewellery in 2009, she perfected her training at the School of Gemmology in Montreal to deepen her knowledge of stones and diamonds.

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