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Remodeling: will my gold be used as is?

The manufacturing techniques used for jewelry remodeling are specific to each processing. In some cases, it will be possible to recover your metals as is and process everything directly in the workshop.

For example; your grandmother’s 18k yellow gold ring is made of a gold of very good quality; this gold can be melted and turned into a simple cane without any alteration to the metal.

If your new jewel is designed by computer, it will be printed in 3D and then cast with lost wax. This last step is done outside our workshop by trusted professionals. It is still possible to supply the gold to be processed, but it may be that the mixed with new gold if the quantity is not sufficient or the quality is lower.

Indeed, it is usually better to mix your old gold with a new gold alloy for a better final quality. Jewelry always contains a certain percentage of welds and impurities that will be present once the gold is melted and processed. By adding an equal amount of new gold, the impurities are reduced by half and the color will be more uniform, so it is recommended to do so.

That said, at the request of customers, we often made jewelry using gold as is with a surprisingly impeccable result. This choice will have an impact on the cost of processing. Note that for white gold, it is almost impossible to reuse it as is in the workshop, but it can be cast with lost wax.

It is possible to recover jewelry of different carats, but the same color together. In this case, we will determine what type of gold you would like to have in the end and the alloy will be adjusted accordingly. For example, you have jewels in 10k yellow gold and others in 14k yellow gold. These can not be mixed as is: the alloy will be adjusted so that in the end you have a jewelry in 10k, 14k or 18k.

Regarding the different colors of gold: it is not possible to mix them. Since these alloys are composed of pure gold and other metals of different colours, they would have to be purified to produce only pure gold, a process that we do not practice in the workshop. Unused gold may be redeemed.

For example: you with a ring in white gold and one in yellow gold, but you want a new jewelry in pink gold. Your gold cannot be recovered as is, but the supplied gold will be redeemed and deducted from the price.

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