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Our History

Founded in 2009 by jeweler Marie-Claude Décarie, MCDécarie specializes in custom jewelry making and jewelry makeovers, in addition to creating several exclusive and personalized collections. In 2012, after 3 years of special orders and multiple participations in artisan markets, the first online sales of MCDécarie jewelry began on the international platform Etsy. This progress will allow Marie-Claude to open the MCDécarie Studio-Boutique in Oka in 2015.
In 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, the whole world is turning to online shopping and the confinement complicates production. With 3 children at home and orders piling up, Marie-Claude's husband comes to help out in the workshop.
With a career in floor sanding, Charles then discovered a great talent for doing finishing work on a much smaller scale. With the same passion as his spouse, he now works full time in the business and his expertise as a self-employed worker brings a new breath of fresh air.

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Located in the heart of the village of Oka, the Studio-Boutique is the place where MCDécarie jewelry is designed and made. The boutique allows you to see our inventory of jewelry and discover our latest creations, while the workshop is the place where most of the manufacturing steps such as wax sculpture, soldering, polishing and plating are done.

Marie-Claude Décarie

Designer of MCDécarie jewelry, Marie-Claude is the founder of the company. Creative and perfectionist, she loves to create new designs and to take up the challenges you propose to her with your projects. Graduated with a DEC in jewelry in 2009, she continued her studies in gemology to deepen her knowledge of gemstones and diamonds.

I love to design different pieces every day; it's an ongoing challenge that motivates me to excel every time. I love to take the time to talk with customers, to understand their needs and then make the perfect piece of jewelry for them! Passionate about the sea and the outdoors, I like to integrate these inspirations into my creations. The contrasts, colors and textures of nature are reflected in my work and greatly influence it. It is by instinct that I like to break out of the box and break the norms of classic jewelry, so that each piece is as unique as the person who wears it.


Charles Tanguay

The new jeweler excels in his unexpected new profession, as he now makes or polishes all the jewelry that leaves MCDécarie workshop.

I have been a floor sanding contractor for 10 years and have always worked in the construction field. I had been looking for a change in my career for some time, but I really never thought that this change would lead me into the jewelry field. I discovered a fascinating profession that brings together assembly and finishing on a very small scale. I love the challenges that jewelry offers; it requires extreme precision and the projects are always different. I really discovered an exciting profession and I am happy to be able to help this company grow.

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