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The typhoon is made of smooth wire and with small bead wire that swirl around a bead. One of a kind, each pendant is completely handcrafted and they are all a little different. In the hollow of sa torsade nestles an 8-9mm freshwater pearl suspended.


Pendant height: 28mm to 32mm

Pearl diameter: 8mm to 9mm


The chain is not included, but this pendant goes well with an adjustable wheat chain.

TYPHON pendant, sterling silver and 8-9mm pearl

SKU: PA131
Pearl color
  • Pearls are available in shades of white or peacock. The white shades have cream or pink reflections on a white background, while the peacock shades (peacock feathers) have yellow or mauve reflections on a dark green background. These reflections, which we call the Orient, give the pearls a unique shine and depth.

    Freshwater pearls are entirely composed of the mother-of-pearl produced by the mollusk. They have a denser structure than sea pearls, which consist of a nucleon covered with the nacre produced by the mollusk. Freshwater pearls are therefore pearls of very high resistance, which cannot flake off since they are formed from a block. They offer a beautiful quality of shine.

    The irradiation treatment produces dark shades, for a completely natural and long-lasting look, unlike dyed pearls, of lesser quality. The infrastructure used for pearl farming in lakes is simpler and less expensive than that used at sea.

    In addition, each grafted mollusc can produce up to fifty pearls instead of one or two in the culture of sea pearls. The culture is facilitated, without however affecting the quality. These are all factors that explain the more affordable cost of freshwater pearls and that allow us to offer you quality and elegant creations, at attractive prices.

  • The typhoon collection is one of our favorites. Each piece is handcrafted; they all have a little something unique about them. The intertwined threads contain a pearl in the center of their swirl, as if a typhoon were sucking up a ball of mother-of-pearl from the bottom of the sea. The pieces from this collection are sure to please who receive them as gifts.

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