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This mountain shaped pendant is made from a thick round base where you can add your text or contact details. The necklace is 3mm thick and 22mm wide. Each pendant is individually created, one by one, which means they may vary slightly in their appearance, making them unique.


What makes this pendant even more special is the ability to customize it to your preference. Choose the geographic coordinates of a place dear to your heart, whether it's your birthplace, a meaningful meeting place or an unforgettable travel destination. You can also opt for a personalized text, an inspirational quote or the names of your loved ones, for an even more personal touch.


Each pendant is painstakingly handcrafted in solid sterling silver, ensuring exceptional quality and fine workmanship. Whether you want to give a meaningful gift or treat yourself, this solid sterling silver pendant is a perfect choice. 


Please note that the chain is not included in this purchase, so you can choose the one that best suits your style and preferences.

ARTHUR pendant with personalized mountains in 925 silver

PriceFrom C$139.00
  • The plate have approximately the following dimensions:
    Length: 26mm (1 inch)
    Thickness: 3mm

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