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Singlering band with a width of 12mm made of solid gold. Available in different thicknesses and in all finger sizes, custom engravings are included. The ring band is flat inside and out, while the edges are rounded for optimal comfort.


Classic and timeless, this ring can be personalized with the text of your choice, inside, outside, or both. Enter a date, a first name or a small symbol to make it unique. Whether it symbolizes commitment, love, friendship, or whether it is simply the expression of a chic and stylish taste, the ring band remains the perfect universal jewel .



12 mm bangle in yellow, pink or white gold. 10k-14k-18k. Registrations included.

PriceFrom C$999.00
gold color
  • This ring is available in all sizes.  1/4 points are also available; simply  mention it with your order.

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