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The JANE pendant is a chic, delicate and bold piece of jewelry, designed to be worn every day. The piece holding the pearl is strong and durable, with a surprising and imposing thickness and weight.

The freshwater pearl offered on this model have a diameter of 8 mm to 9 mm and button shape.

The set includes JANE hook earrings with white freshwater pearls, as well as a cubic chain, length of your choice

JANE pendant set with 8-9 mm pearl and BO

  • Small freshwater pearls are very resistant pearls, which cannot chip since they are formed from a single block and without a core. They offer a beautiful quality of shine.

    The infrastructure used for pearl farming in lakes is simpler and less expensive than that used at sea. In addition, each grafted mollusc can produce up to fifty pearls instead of one or two in sea pearl culture. cultivation is made easier, without however affecting the quality.

    While freshwater pearl farming produces only pale hues, some pearls then receive irradiation treatment to transform them into dark pearls. This gives the natural and durable look of peacock beads.

    These are all factors which explain the more affordable cost of freshwater pearls and which allow us to offer you elegant, quality creations at attractive prices.

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