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ALVA hook earrings are chic, simple and elegant. The freshwater pearls have a diameter of 5mm to 6mm. They are accompanied by a prong-set stone; two laboratory diamonds of 0.02ct.

The hooks are made from 0.8mm wire and come with a rubber butterfly, for extra security.

ALVA hook earrings, yellow gold, pearls and diamonds

  • Our Rare Pearl Collection celebrates the elegance, timeless refinement and finesse of the pearl. The ancient Greeks associated these brilliant gems with Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, born from sea foam. By shaking, the goddess would have thrown drops of water into the ocean; these drops of water would have become pearls, symbol of the charm of the goddess of love. Others preferred to believe that pearls came from drops of water solidified by the light of the sun or the moon... Centuries have passed, knowledge has evolved, but the pearl still remains to this day the peaceful emblem of nature. ultimate natural beauty. Its mysterious charm is found at the heart of our Rare Pearl Collection and is expressed in a proposal of classic, essential jewelry.  *Each piece of jewelry in this Collection bears the name of an exceptional woman who made history by receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Real rare pearls...

  • ALVA Reimer Myrdal (1902 – 1986) was a Swedish humanities and social sciences researcher and diplomat. She helped establish the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, an institute for strategic studies on the importance of conflict and cooperation for world peace. It was for her fight for nuclear disarmament that she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1982.

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