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Where and when do you wear your jewelry?

Your jewelry are made to be worn! What’s the point of having a beautiful ring if it stays in a jewelry box all year round? However, I agree, there are everyday jewels and Saturday night jewels. Here is a small list of places and times where it is possible or not advisable to wear them!

Can I wear my jewelry…

In the shower? To wash my hands?

Yes, no problem. It is definitely better to wash your hands with your ring than to forget it on the counter! Dish soap or body soap is safe for your jewelry, and generally safe for beads and stones. Just make sure to dry your finger under the ring to avoid small sores caused by moisture!

In the pool? In a spa?

Swimming pools and spas are not recommended, especially for silver jewelry. The water contains certain chemicals and a PH that can tarnish silver jewelry, but will not permanently damage it. For gold pieces, there is usually no problem. Avoided on the other hand jewelry with pearls or fragile stones.

If your silver jewelry is tarnished after swimming, follow our cleaning tips to bring the silver back to its usual color.

To do my hair or make up?

It is best to remove your jewelry to avoid contact with an incompatible product; for example perfume or hair spray.

To get some sleep?

Yes, but just think that if you wear your jewel every day and every night, it will wear out twice as fast as if you take it off at night. When we sleep, we move and we find ourselves putting all our weight on a piece of jewelry.

To do some sports?

I advise you to remove your jewels during your sports activities. They are more likely to be lost, broken or twisted during physical activity. For example, by forcing with your hands you could easily deform a ring.

To clean up?

Yes, but pay attention to the contact of household products with your jewelry, especially silver ones. Take off your rings or wear gloves for cleaning the house.

To go to the beach?

The sand, the sun and the sea are safe, but I can’t count the number of clients who confided in me that they lost their ring in the sea or found a chain at the beach. Best to leave it home for the day.

In camping? On a trip?

Yes, but watch out for powerful mosquito pray that may tarnish them. Otherwise, you are more likely to lose them than damage them. Why not leave your favorite jewelry at home for the week?

Aside from some precautions, keep in mind that your jewelry is made to be worn!

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